Frazz by Jef Mallett



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  1. water_moon

    water_moon GoComics PRO Member said, 6 months ago

    This year hasn’t been like that around here, it’s been 40s-50s for the highs and lows and it wasn’t till these week we had frost at all but my poor garden stopped growing 4 weeks ago when when it started the cool temps :(

  2. Alexikakos

    Alexikakos said, 6 months ago

    I don’t think Mr. Mallet did his research when he used the name “Schwag.”


  3. KenTheCoffinDweller

    KenTheCoffinDweller said, 6 months ago


    Look again, it is Schwab.

  4. tammyspeakslife

    tammyspeakslife said, 6 months ago


  5. Alexikakos

    Alexikakos said, 6 months ago


    So it is.
    Apologies to Mr. Mallet.

  6. Leo Autodidact

    Leo Autodidact said, 6 months ago

    AH, the Layers, I remember them well:

    Gore-Tex, (Jacket & Overpants)
    Lycra, (Jersey & Tights)
    Wool, (Cause we got REAL COLD Winds)
    Polypropylene, (To wick-away the perspiration)
    Wool/Cotton blend, (anti-chafing socks)

    and THAT was just for a 25 minute commute!

  7. Varnes

    Varnes said, 6 months ago

    Hey, in Michigan the weather is easy to predict, if it’s warm it’s gonna be cold, if it’s dry, it’s gonna be rainy….and that’s just between 8 and 9 AM.

  8. masterskrain

    masterskrain GoComics PRO Member said, 6 months ago

    If you don’t like the weather, just wait 5 minutes!
    I’ve done the layer thing as well,starting out on a ride when it was 18*, and it warmed up to 60* by the afternoon!

  9. CasualObserver

    CasualObserver said, 6 months ago

    What can I say? I like Florida!

  10. AshburnStadium

    AshburnStadium said, 6 months ago


    To corrupt Michigan J. Frog:
    “Everybody’s doing the Michigan schwag
    Everybody loves the Michigan schwag
    Every Mame and Jane and Ruth
    From Weehauken to Duluth…”

  11. rshive

    rshive said, 6 months ago

    The temperature swung a lot where i lived too. We had a teacher who in the morning (when it was in the 30’s) opened all the windows. By afternoon (60’s, maybe 70) she have everything closed up tight.

  12. kroykali

    kroykali said, 6 months ago

    Frost here in southern S. Carolina this morning. Kinda early for this area.

  13. defunctdoormat

    defunctdoormat said, 6 months ago

    I ride my motorcycle almost all year here in Maine. I do layers. And this strip reminds me very much of my days here. 30s in the morning and 60s when coming home.

  14. jessegooddoggy

    jessegooddoggy said, 6 months ago

    Near 80 this weekend in eastern California, but a killing freeze predicted Tuesday. Collecting blankets for my tomatoes!

  15. pumaman

    pumaman said, 6 months ago

    If it gets so cold that I need more than two layers up top and leg warmers, then I’m not riding.

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