Frazz by Jef Mallett


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  1. seyleigh

    seyleigh said, almost 3 years ago

    So… He didn’t need to go to the bathroom?

  2. Arianne

    Arianne said, almost 3 years ago

    Yeah, grown-ups have no concept of cool, do they.

  3. masterskrain

    masterskrain GoComics PRO Member said, almost 3 years ago

    Hey…when You gotta go, You gotta go…

  4. frumdebang

    frumdebang said, almost 3 years ago

    I like the “your girlfriend” line, as though Frazz somehow shares the blame.

  5. Elderflower

    Elderflower said, almost 3 years ago

    I remember being so painfully shy in grade 3, I’d approach my teaher’s desk, but be too embarassed to ask if I could leave to use the washroom. Fortunately, she was intuitive enough to guess my need.

  6. Night-Gaunt49

    Night-Gaunt49 said, almost 3 years ago

    After the gyrations he went through she couldn’t help but notice, as did everyone else.So the joke is the kid blames her an by extension Frazz. Hence the humor.

  7. lightenup

    lightenup said, almost 3 years ago

    Or maybe it’s cooties? That would be much less embarrassing. ;-)

  8. Tom Flapwell

    Tom Flapwell said, almost 3 years ago


    Of course not. Gravity just exposed his back.

  9. Gabriel 7

    Gabriel 7 said, almost 3 years ago

    I love the fact that the kid spends all that time doing the “I gotta go” jig…but it’s the teachers few words that embarrass him. :). But I guess at that age, some things are more embarrassing than others.:)

  10. MaxStarmanJones

    MaxStarmanJones said, almost 3 years ago

    That kid reminds me so much of Calvin. What a great touch of nostalgia.

  11. Night-Gaunt49

    Night-Gaunt49 said, over 2 years ago


    Not exactly. but you are seeing his back as he is sitting on his shoulders legs crossed an hands down there trying to hold it back but the body says time to go.

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