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Frank and Ernest

By Thaves
Sep 22, 2001
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"Angle Complaint Dept."
 "A Mister Robbins is on line three with some complaints."
 "He was a telemarketer back on Earth. Tell him I'll call back tonight during dinner."
 "A former politician is waiting outside.."
 "Tell him what he wants to hear and then forget him."
 "Mr. Morgan, the former cableman, wants to come by with his complaints."
 "Tell him to come by early tomorrow. I'll see him sometime between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m."
 "Mister Dinkle, the former banker, is also waiting to see you."
 "I'll see him immediately! Just remind him there'll be a three-dollar fee."
 "C'mon Frank! I doubt all of that is your customers' idea of heaven!"
 "Maybe not, but it sure is MINE!"
Sep 24, 2001
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