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Frank and Ernest

By Thaves
Sep 23, 2000
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"Daily News Headline Dept."
 "Ernie, what headline did you come up with for the item about our police chief who bought a jacuzzi?"
 "Law Enforcement Official in Hot Water!"
 "And the mayor teaching a geometry class?"
 "Head of City Involved in Triangles!"
 "The movie star who bought a mansion across from our local jail?"
 "Famous Celebrity Faces Prison!"
 "And this minister having a large sculpture done of his head?"
 "Religious Leader Involved in Huge Bust!"
 "Why must you make up your OWN scandals, Ernie? Just be patient and there'll be plenty of real ones to write about!"
 "Sorry. I guess I just don't have your faith in human nature."
Sep 25, 2000
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