FoxTrot by Bill Amend


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  1. TEMPLO S.U.D.

    TEMPLO S.U.D. said, almost 3 years ago

    Jason (in the second panel), Arizona nor Hawaii utilize DST. Live there if you think it’s such a drag. (I’m not following the “melota” reference in the final panel.)

  2. Nabuquduriuzhur

    Nabuquduriuzhur said, almost 3 years ago

    Didn’t think Klingons had any “artistic expression” except those dealing with blood, guts, and sadism.

    Confirmed with that business with Worf requesting “Klingon Opera” from the keyboard player.

  3. treblemaker

    treblemaker said, almost 3 years ago

    @TEMPLO S.U.D.

    (proper n) Melota – proper name from Klingon Opera

  4. daDoctah

    daDoctah said, almost 3 years ago

    I prefer the gradual approach. Every night, I set my clocks ahead twenty seconds. After six months, I’m an hour ahead, and then I start setting them back twenty seconds a night until I get back where I started. Then I start the whole process again.

  5. Taigan

    Taigan GoComics PRO Member said, almost 3 years ago

    Mr. Amend, I hate to point out that nowadays Jason would be too young to remember any Star Trek tv series. Deep Space 9 (which was the one to mainly deal with Klingon Opera) was off the air five years before he was born. He’d be a Battlestar Gallactica fan now.

  6. Pretzelcoatl

    Pretzelcoatl said, almost 3 years ago


    Thanks to the technologies of online streaming and DVD’s, it is quite possible to be a fan of a show that aired before you were born. This was also true of VHS back in the day.

    A quick search reveals that all six Star Trek TV series as well as eight of the ten movies before the reboot are available for instant streaming on Netflix.

  7. jmarkoff2

    jmarkoff2 said, almost 3 years ago


    Agreed. Now movies/tv are like books on a library shelf. Shakespeare and Dickens stopped writing before I was born, but that doesn’t make me unfamiliar with their work.

  8. Vice Admiral Allan

    Vice Admiral Allan GoComics PRO Member said, almost 3 years ago

    Qoy qeylIs puqloD.
    Qoy puqbe’pu’.
    yoHbogh matlhbogh je SuvwI’
    Say’moHchu’ may’ ‘Iw.
    maSuv manong ’ej maHoHchu’.
    nI’be’ yInmaj ‘ach wovqu’.
    batlh maHeghbej ‘ej yo’ qIjDaq vavpu’ma’
    DImuv. pa’ reH maSuvtaHqu’.
    mamevQo’. maSuvtaH. ma’ov.

  9. Cooncat

    Cooncat said, almost 3 years ago

    @Vice Admiral Allan

    nuQ dach och , puch pak ecK?

  10. Lektio

    Lektio said, almost 3 years ago


    “You have never experienced Shakespeare until you have read him in the original Klingon.”

    ~Chancellor Gorkon, Star Trek VI

  11. Barry44

    Barry44 said, almost 3 years ago

    Isn’t Jason a little young for Game of Thrones? There are some seriously adult situations on that show.

  12. maedar

    maedar said, almost 3 years ago


    He watches Dexter too. Andy wants to be a “moral guardian”, but she STINKS at it.

  13. vwdualnomand

    vwdualnomand said, almost 3 years ago

    and dst doesn’t save energy.

  14. Taigan

    Taigan GoComics PRO Member said, almost 3 years ago


    I’m well aware of that. But speaking as a Star Trek fan who knows younger scifi fans, just because it’s available doesn’t mean they care.

  15. rdh288

    rdh288 said, almost 3 years ago

    Global Warming is a hoax. But even assuming it’s true, I figure by 2368, we’’ll be far beyond Star Trek. We’ve figured out better computer systems then theirs, we’ve got better laser beams then them, we’ve started to teleport individual atoms, and we’ve figured out a (theoretical) way to pass light speed. I’m very excited to see what comes next in my generation.

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