Dec 1, 2013
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Jason: I'm doing a psychology experiment for school on gullibility, wanna help?
Peter: What do I have to do?
Jason: Go stand outside in the freezing wind wearing shorts an a t-shirt and when people look at you funny, greet them with a fake Australian accent. Tell them that since you're a southern hemispherian, the weather in December is much warmer for you. Then keep track of who falls fro it. I need age and gender. There's a teen supermodel convention in town, unfortunately, so your data might skew a little female-heavy. 
Peter: An excuse to talk to lots of hot girls? Give me that clip-board! 
Jason: If your skin turns blue, just say you have bruises from rugby.
Peter: G'dai lahv! Ai dingo ate miy barbie!...
Jason: "Male. 16. Gullible."
Andy: Peter Fox, get back in this house! Are you insane?!
Dec 15, 2013
Small u 201701251613

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