Nov 17, 2013
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Jason: Ok, so once you're done with the tutorial, click the mall icon and select a store. 
Paige: Ok, I picked one. 
Jason: All right, now press "O" for your mission objectives.
Paige: "The invasion of Nordstromdy: defeat enemy lines and secure stylish beachwear at 75-percent savings."
Jason: Get ready. It's starting. 
Paige: I can't see anything. Why's it so dark? 
Jason: It's 3:00 a.m. Equip your night vision goggles.
Paige: AAAA! There's like an entire battalion camped out here!
Jason: Don't panic. Remember the tutorial. Check your inventory.
Paige: Keys...Credit cards...Gum...Ah, here we go! Cellphone! 
Page: Is this that new Call of Duty Mod?
Jason: Yeah. "Black Friday Ops."
Paige: But wait...if I call in an air strike, won't that hurt the beachwear?
Dec 1, 2013
Small u 201701251613

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