Nov 3, 2013
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Peter: Aaaa! Where is it?!?
Paige: Where's what? 
Peter: "Rabbitty Rainbow's Reading Adventure"! The video game! It was in the drawer! Aaaa! "Peanut Butter's Puzzle Jam" is also missing! And "Wee Scotland"! 
Paige: Why do you care? We played those when we were little. 
Peter: How do you think I keep Mom from finding all my M-rated games?! I hide them in old E-rated cases! Those have my copies of "GT&A 5," "Blood Vendetta Squadron" and "Psychonesia II: Nightmares Guaranteed"!
Paige: Oh.
Peter: Where are you going?! Come help me look!
Paige: You might want to help me look for my phone first.
Woman: Look at all the educational games your babysitter Paige dropped off earlier!
Girl: Wabbitty Wainbow!
Nov 17, 2013
Small u 201701251613

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