Apr 28, 2013
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Paige: What's this?
Morton: It's my signed nondisclosure agreement. It prohibits me from publicly divulging any information about our relationship.
Paige: We don't HAVE a relationship.
Morton: Not, yet, but if somehow we ever did and I told anyone, under the terms of this NDA I'd owe you a billion dollars. In this era of social media, knowing who you can trust to keep private matters private is increasingly important. I though you'd take some comfort in knowing that my discretion is now contractually guaranteed. Allow me to demonstrate. Pretend you were to say something like "Morton, I secretly love you. You are the hottest guy in the school and especially the robotics club. Let's make out behind the physics lab." Watch how quiet I'd keep it. Oh, wait, I guess you'd need to actually say if for the demo to work. 
Paige: Morton, dream on!
Morton: No, no, it's Morton...I...secretly...
Dr. Ling: Did one of you kids drop this $1 billion I.O.U.?
May 12, 2013
Small u 201701251613

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