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By Bill Amend
Mar 3, 2013
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Peter: What's with the "Rocky" music?
Jason: I'm in training. "Heart of the Swarm" goes on sale this week.
Peter: Is that the Starcraft expansion?
Jason: Yeah, I really want to hit the ground running on Tuesday when it comes out. I've got the new hotkeys memorized, charts and graphs for every conceivable build order, my apm is somewhere between Swedish and Korean, and for the games where I lose, I've come up with some seriously BM rageout moves. 
Peter: You do realize you're speaking gibberish?
Jason: Hey, can you help me practice this one thing? It's actually super important.
Peter: I'm horrible at Starcraft.
Jason: That's ok, just read what's on this card over and over. 
Peter: No, you can't have $40 for a video game.
Jason: Mommm, pleeease?
Peter: No, you can't have $40 for a video game.
Jason: Mommm. pleeease?
Peter: No, you can't - 
Jason: Now start getting angrier.
Mar 17, 2013
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