Endtown by Aaron Neathery


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  1. A_Dream4u

    A_Dream4u said, about 20 hours ago

    Is that a warning sign with Jim on it in the 3rd panel?

  2. Robert Nowall

    Robert Nowall GoComics PRO Member said, about 20 hours ago

    I’m guessing they don’t have a theater stocked with old comedy shorts like Endtown…

  3. JusSayin

    JusSayin said, about 20 hours ago

    I think the Greeks had a device that allowed entrance to the stage from a trapdoor.

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  4. Gildedtongue

    Gildedtongue said, about 20 hours ago

    Oh no, you don’t, Kirbs. You’re in for the long haul! ;)

  5. Darwinskeeper

    Darwinskeeper said, about 19 hours ago


    I don’t think that’s Jim on the warning sign. The head that I can half see seems to have horns so I think its an anthro bovine. This may be a sign restricting outsiders from going somewhere.

  6. Veteran

    Veteran GoComics PRO Member said, about 17 hours ago


    Think back in our time.
    “How to identify a Jew” comes to mind.

  7. cindyorch

    cindyorch said, about 17 hours ago

    ARGHHH! Now I have to wait until Monday!!!

  8. Coyoty

    Coyoty GoComics PRO Member said, about 16 hours ago

    Looks like when Holly makes her appearance, it’ll be a chair-raising experience.

  9. Dragoncat

    Dragoncat GoComics PRO Member said, about 16 hours ago

    Does Kirbee still have Holly’s apron?

  10. Night-Gaunt49

    Night-Gaunt49 said, about 14 hours ago

    @Robert Nowall

    I wonder if they have electricity. It doesn’t seem to be universal.

  11. JusSayin

    JusSayin said, about 14 hours ago


    I could be wrong, …
    Isn’t that warning sign above Chic’s

    Trunk Full O’ Twinkies®?

    With a hand lettered KEEP AWAY! Mutant Making Material!

  12. Three Steps Over Japan

    Three Steps Over Japan GoComics PRO Member said, about 13 hours ago


    That’s why Holly needs Kirbee to stick around. She feels naked without the apron, but there’s no way in hell that she’s going to wear it herself in its current condition.

  13. Veteran

    Veteran GoComics PRO Member said, about 9 hours ago

    Really I think at some point Kirbee is going to see Holly as a really annoying pain in the butt.
    Always wanting some help. Pester, Pester, Pester.
    I mean they use her to climb out of the fire AND NOW when Kirbee wants to go get help…..there Holly goes AGAIN wanting something.
    Holly has become a version of Wally…..always wanting….(ha)
    Holly, you are a mouse…..CLIMB THE DANGED ROPE!!!!

  14. Wabbit

    Wabbit GoComics PRO Member said, about 8 hours ago

    Why didn’t they go to the main entrance to the arena? That would have made more sense.
    If they had followed, the one who was going to tell about the babies, it would have gotten them there And Kirbee would have been able to find out more!
    Taking Holly to this place doesn’t make much sense, at least not yet.
    That is Not a Jim warning.
    Kirbee may rebel at any more help. Holly is pushing it. Tho I don’t blame her at all. She is desperate to see Wally.

  15. mr_sherman

    mr_sherman GoComics PRO Member said, about 8 hours ago


    Holly doesn’t need Kirbee’s help to get up the rope. She needs Kirbee’s help to open the trap door.

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