Endtown by Aaron Neathery


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  1. lorddarke

    lorddarke said, 1 day ago


  2. A_Dream4u

    A_Dream4u said, 1 day ago

    Hey Holly… Rabid much?
    Looks like someone or something made a decision for Holly.
    Did Kirbee take it?
    From this angle I don’t see anyone else from the group, are the dittoes hiding them?
    Or were they all just constructs of the imagination all along?
    Or are things are about to get……..
    Really weird?

  3. Robert Nowall

    Robert Nowall GoComics PRO Member said, 1 day ago

    Clive made a break for it, didn’t he?

  4. Melkior

    Melkior said, 1 day ago

    Rabid rabbit? Ravin’ Rabbids?

    Dittos hiding Clive was my first thought, but that somehow seems too simple.

  5. ZombieAnt

    ZombieAnt said, 1 day ago

    I guess the Dittos heard the “He’s invisible” reasoning from Holly and made it invalid, to help Wally.
    Clever Dittos making the reasonable choice. Freaking emotions always getting in the way.

  6. crookedwolf

    crookedwolf GoComics PRO Member said, 1 day ago

    Whoa, didn’t see that coming!… err, going..

  7. Furlips

    Furlips said, 1 day ago

    Poor Wally, he’s NEVER ever going to get laid again is he.

  8. Three Steps Over Japan

    Three Steps Over Japan said, 1 day ago

    Either Wally is still in his dream and hasn’t woken up yet, or the dittos have figured it’s time for a little subconscious theater.

  9. twonky

    twonky said, 1 day ago

    Perhaps they picked up the decoy Clive, and the topsiders picked up the real Clive?

  10. Coyoty

    Coyoty GoComics PRO Member said, 1 day ago

    Wally looked like he was getting close to having to make a terrible decision.

  11. dwandelt

    dwandelt GoComics PRO Member said, 1 day ago

    So maybe that “Clive” was just a ditto construct, made to get them away from the topsiders? The dittos do appear to exhibit some collective intelligence…

  12. Jelliqal

    Jelliqal said, 1 day ago

    Great STRIP !!! Keep us guessing !

  13. Gildedtongue

    Gildedtongue said, 1 day ago

    Well, this should be interesting, especially since Kirby and Chico were at least 20 feet away, it wasn’t like it was stolen, right out of Holly’s gripped fingers.

  14. Gildedtongue

    Gildedtongue said, 1 day ago


    I don’t quite think so. Whilst the Dittos have some mass, since they physically exist (since things like shooting them makes them scatter) I don’t think they’re heavy enough to mimic solid objects larger than a sheet of paper.

  15. 42Irish

    42Irish said, 1 day ago

    I think Kirby took him. Monday she was putting Chic down as she was walking behind Holly.
    That’s my guess and I’m sticking with it till Friday!

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