The Duplex by Glenn McCoy

The Duplex

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  1. comicgos

    comicgos said, 5 months ago

    Why – the answer is ALWAYS – “NO SUBSTITUTIONS”!

  2. Vegas Viper

    Vegas Viper said, 5 months ago

    It’s called dealing with the public.

  3. ChessPirate

    ChessPirate said, 5 months ago

    “OK, I’ll prorate your salary for the six days you worked this month, minus a 20% penalty for not giving notice, minus…”

  4. neverenoughgold

    neverenoughgold GoComics PRO Member said, 5 months ago

    What? A fast food worker who speaks English?
    Nearly impossible to find…

  5. John Powe

    John Powe said, 5 months ago

    @Vegas Viper

    Exactly why I chose Wholesale, less public to deal with!

  6. Jeff H

    Jeff H said, 5 months ago

    Just hand the kid a $5 and 12 pennies and ask for correct change. You’ll see his head explode.

  7. acsdaddy

    acsdaddy GoComics PRO Member said, 5 months ago

    A month before, he protested for $15 bucks an hour, now he’s gonna want unemployment!

  8. exoticdoc2

    exoticdoc2 said, 5 months ago

    And the burger flippers think they’re worth $15 an hour? Please.

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