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  1. Rad-ish

    Rad-ish GoComics PRO Member said, 9 months ago

    Lots of people die from medical malpractice.

  2. Michael wme

    Michael wme said, 9 months ago

    Truman sent 2 million Jews (from ConcentrationRefugee Camps) to Palestine after WWII. The Brits had sent British Jews to Palestine since the 19th century, and the UN gave those British Jews about 1/6 of West Palestine, with 1/2 for Palestinians and the 1/3 around the Christian Holy Sites for the British Empire. But the 2 million Jews sent (whether they wanted to go or not) had no place to live (but they had modern European weapons against Palestinians with primitive muzzle-loaders and scimitars) so the Jews took over 2/3 of Palestine from the Palestinians, who, as is easily seen in the Bible, were squatters who had no right to live there. Then, in 1967, the Israelis took over the rest of West Palestine, plus chunks of Syria and Egypt, as it says they have every right to do in the Bible.

    Instead of accepting the Will of G_d, the Palestinians have been trying to steal their homes back since 1948, forcing the Zionists to ‘Mow the Lawn’ from time to time.

    The only way the Zionists will have peace is The American Way. It’s not as easy to see, but the most astute WASP Biblical scholars found that G_d gave WASPs all the land between Canada and Mexico, once they got rid of 99% of the Red savages who had been squatting there since 20,0004004 BC, and put the remaining 1% of Red savages on Reservations for WASP tourists to visit.

    As a youth, I remember watching movies where peaceful settlers (or gold prospectors) were threatened by those Red savages until the US Cavalry arrived just in the nick of time. The history books I read in school correctly described every victory by the Red savages as a ‘massacre’ of the innocent US Cavalry who were just trying to enforce the law and keep the peace.

    Around 1960, the liberals re-wrote the history books: the Red savages became ‘Native Americans’, and the ‘massacres’ were no longer the defeats suffered by the US Cavalry, but the victories.

    The Zionists will never have peace with the terrorists whose land they stole until they do like the Americans, the Greatest Force for Good the World has ever Seen, and get rid of 99% of the Palestinians and put the rest on tiny reservations for tourists to visit.

  3. Ted Lind

    Ted Lind GoComics PRO Member said, 9 months ago

    Not firing 3000 rockets and using tunnels to infiltrate suicide bombers might be a good start. Your philosophy and a couple of dollars will buy a cup of coffee.

  4. Harleyquinn

    Harleyquinn GoComics PRO Member said, 9 months ago

    You are as bad as Pin Head Kerry. Your Propaganda is doing nothing but helping Hamas!

  5. Kevin Robinson

    Kevin Robinson said, 9 months ago

    Hamas, if you do not want your schools and hospitals destroyed stop using them as launch points for your rockets.

  6. FishDog93

    FishDog93 said, 9 months ago

    @Kevin Robinson

    Exactly! And if the people of Gaza truly loved their children they wouldn’t elect terrorists to run their government.

  7. Harleyquinn

    Harleyquinn GoComics PRO Member said, 9 months ago

    One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter."
    yeh Sharia law is “freedom” and what Israel has built despite the bigotry, hate, and flat out lies against them is not.

  8. Harleyquinn

    Harleyquinn GoComics PRO Member said, 9 months ago

    It is really trite, but it belongs here, given some of the above comments:
    One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter."
    Really? What are they fighting for again? Freedom? Really? they have that, if they did not they would not have been able to build tunnels of death under hospitals and schools using child labor. And just who are they trying to take this freedom from? Israel would have and has in the past left them along expect when made to protect what it has. And just what freedom are they fighting for? Does a Jew have freedom anywhere in the middle East? How about those of the Muslim Faith? Do they not have freedom in Israel? Are they not represent in the government of Israel? To make your statement make sense you would have to say the Jew is a terrorist fighting for representation in Gaza, not fighting for defense against those who wish to wipe them out.

  9. Harleyquinn

    Harleyquinn GoComics PRO Member said, 9 months ago


    KlondikeMike said, 4 minutes ago
    And now you know why Palestine hates America."
    Little Satan and big Satan have been brain washed into generations. That is what the children programs put out by Panistine proclaim. Kill the Jews then Kill America. They have some nice little songs that could have been sung by any liberal about coming after Bush and Rice…

  10. Harleyquinn

    Harleyquinn GoComics PRO Member said, 9 months ago



  11. Harleyquinn

    Harleyquinn GoComics PRO Member said, 9 months ago


    “The cowboys have spoaken hearsay as well”

  12. TripleAxel

    TripleAxel said, 9 months ago

    Of course Hamas could stop these attacks immediately by ceasing its attacks and honoring its ceasefire agreements.
    On a related note: Hamas violates ceasefire within 90 minutes of its commencement:

  13. dtroutma

    dtroutma GoComics PRO Member said, 9 months ago

    If Israeli Jews loved their children, they’d call for shutting down the land theft, and settlements, and kick out Netanyahu and Likud. Oh, wait, those who do HAVE been TRYING for some years to get a saner government in Israel, and just like with Hamas, the minority (actually) has taken power away from those who want peace.

  14. Harleyquinn

    Harleyquinn GoComics PRO Member said, 9 months ago

    @dtroutma they’d call for shutting down the land theft, and settlements,"

    They tried that, all they got in return was "we want more! How much more? ALL of it! You do know that from a young age they are taught that Palestine is the only thing there, the maps have no Israel.
    Land for peace is not what they want!

  15. mdavis4183

    mdavis4183 GoComics PRO Member said, 9 months ago

    Hamas stores rockets in private homes, UN buildings, schools, hospitals.

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