Win, Lose, Drew by Drew Litton

Win, Lose, Drew

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  1. Fourcrows

    Fourcrows said, over 3 years ago

    I don’t like the Patriots (which kind of makes it difficult living in Maine), but Brady took a pay cut to keep Welker and a few others under the salary cap. Seems a little mean to trade Welker after that. If Brady wanted to be vindictive, he should shop himself around. The Browns could use a decent quarterback…

  2. Fourcrows

    Fourcrows said, over 3 years ago


  3. Mom of 5

    Mom of 5 said, over 3 years ago

    Adrian Snare… I think I agree with you on this but I would like to make sure you are not being sarcastic. “Non-money sports are much better. Support your local school team.”
    I agree with the thought but it sure is not free or “Non-money” to participate or watch school teams. I’m talking about High School (not private school but regular High School in your own neighborhood teams). I have 5 kids, who participated in sports from Kindergarten to College. I paid and paid and paid to encourage them to be active and maybe get enough
    exercise to not be part of the 60% of kids who are obese. The one quarter sport that really hit home for me that there is no such thing as a “NON-MONEY SPORT” was Summer and Fall of 2011. My son (who is a twin) was a senior, 6’5" tall, 225 lbs and built like a Lineman. He had never played football because he enjoyed soccer. The football coach noticed him in the lunchroom and said, “Luke, where have you been all these years?” His reply was on the soccer field.
    He was convinced to try out football. He came home and brought up the subject with us. Our only concern was did he actually want to play? He said yes. So this is where the “Support your local school team” comes in. Two week camp during summer, $500.00. Bag of gear for personal use, $480.00 I still have the receipt. Matching team cleats, $190.00 with the school colors and his name embroidered on the shoes. Practice clothes. Old uniforms that needed to be laundered separately and we needed to put a deposit down for these clothes and purchase new ones if Luke ruined them. He did ruin them. $206.00 to replace the pieces he ruined. A new helmet with his name on it, $200.00. We still have that, I’m so happy, he will never wear it again, School fee to participate in this sport. $175.00. Full physical, $200.00. Matching gear bag for his pads and of course it had to be the School colors and have his name put on it. Dozens of special socks for the two a day practices. Gallon jugs of water that he did refill every day. Power bars left in his car for a quick energy boost. Uniform pieces the school did not have to lend out, $400.00 per boy. Parent club meetings for fundraisers. We were told to participate a minimum of two games per family of sales time. We could not watch the game from under the stadium as we sold, blankets ($50.00), ear warmers ($20.00), scarfs ($25.00), gloves ($10.00), foam fingers ($5.00), hand warmers ($4.00), candy ($2.00) and drinks ($3.00). Of course we also had a hot concession stand for coffee ($3.00), hot dogs ($5.00) etc. We own one of everything for all our family members. We had to have one family member participate in sales for half of 6 games. Then there was the gator aid and orange segments that we took turns bringing. After one two a day practice Luke came home and told us they had to sell $750.00 worth of $25.00 cards that gave you a discount on things that no one ever buys. Coach told the boys at 5:30 pm to head home shower and get out and sell these cards by 9 pm that same night. He suggested that if the guys who drove could pick up the younger guys and take them with them he would give them points and they could get out of one lap around the track for the next practice. SO Luke took 5 boys, my Tahoe which was full of gas and proceeded to drive all over the place to ask all of our family members to buy these stupid cards. 3 hours later they had sold 6 SIX!!! The boys each turned in one and then they all had to run 3 laps at 9:30 pm at night. Being told that they HAD to sell the rest of the cards by Sat. mornings practice. Coach told them to have their folks sell them at work. We are not allowed to sell this stuff at my office so I ended up paying for all of these useless cards with cash and we passed them out to anyone we met. Not one person used it we later found out. Then it was time for the first game. Remember my son had never EVER played football before. He was a Senior and built well so they started him. He did as he was told, Knocking an opposing player down and in the process landing on him. No call from any refs but the head coach came over and pulled Luke for the rest of the game telling him that was unnecessary roughness. The deal in our school is if you get that call from a ref you are fined by your own coach $10.00 and you sit out the game. To make a point to all the other boys Luke was fined and pulled for 3 out of the 10 games. Remember the Ref did not call it. Luke was not included in practice but had to show up. When you do not go to practice you are also fined $10.00 so another $30.00 he had to pay. He sat on the bench at the next two games and finally was ready to go play but because he did not practice for the last three practices he was not allowed to play for two more games. Fined for those games too. Now that did not include paying for entrance into the games, $12.00 per adult, $7.00 for students and kids were free. Eating or drinking during the game. Programs $5.00 for home games up to $10.00 for away games. Then of course after game pizza parties. Gift for the coach which to tell the truth I did not cough up any funds for. Then we had a thing where the current players take a possible new player for next year out for a meet and greet dinner. $50.00. After all this my son who played for 16 minutes the whole season was brought up in front of everyone at our end of the year party and given a brand new jersey with his name embroidered on the back as a gift for raising the most money for the team. I did not mention the weekly car washes, yard sales, chocolate bar sales and my favorite a lottery ticket to have dinner with the coach. All told we were out THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS FOR 16 Minutes of play. That did not include gas for two a day practices, food out during away games, the letter for his letter man jacket, photos for the team, It never stopped draining my bank account.
    So when you suggest supporting school sports understand that in a district where we have no big donors it is anything but FREE!!!!!

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