Doonesbury by Garry Trudeau


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  1. Coyoty

    Coyoty GoComics PRO Member said, almost 6 years ago

    Mom’s had a lot of experience at overdoing things.

  2. Sheik Yerbouti

    Sheik Yerbouti said, almost 6 years ago

    It’s good that BD’s there; Toggle can certainly use a sympathetic ear from some one who’s been there, done that, and won’t become hysterical.

  3. Sandfan

    Sandfan GoComics PRO Member said, almost 6 years ago

    Well said, Sheik. Now the question is what does Trudeau have in mind for Toggle?

  4. Wildcard24365

    Wildcard24365 said, almost 6 years ago

    And props off the scale for B.D. for the assessment.

  5. Nemesys

    Nemesys said, almost 6 years ago

    Perhaps Toggle was listening to Metalica when he got injured. In fact, I don’t remember him listening to any music since he’s gotten back.

  6. palin drome

    palin drome said, almost 6 years ago

    GT apparently wants to make the boomer generation experience 9/11 and the Iraq invasion through the trauma of their children.

    We know something is wrong when Leo/Toggle turns to the likes of B.D. and his mom for wisdom and stability—-or when Jeff Redfern seeks confirmation from those flawed liberals his parents.

    Trudeau has got to be satirizing himself as the Boomer cartoonist. He’s anxious about the next generation and uneasy in his role as a source of wisdom.

  7. babka

    babka GoComics PRO Member said, almost 6 years ago

    the blind DO lead the blind - it takes wounded, flawed people to guide and stand-under/under-stand similarly flawed and wounded ones. In this country the “sane” ones have gotten us into the quagmire, for they have no doubts about their “crusades” … the inmates run the asylum and the corp-owned media brainwash the apathetic.

    “Iraqi Freedom” was supposedly to share the bounty of our way of life, including our colleges. Here is an emigre (in the parlance of our racist time an “alien”), perhaps a man who had enough money (of his own or stolen in the pillage we facilitated) - who winds up in Toggle’s class.

    priceless, on target, as ever, GT.

  8. cdward

    cdward said, almost 6 years ago

    BD gets it. Mom doesn’t.

  9. jrmerm

    jrmerm said, almost 6 years ago

    What’s the big deal? Toggle did the right thing. Unless you are part of the security team, when confronted by a potential suicide bombing situation you evacuate the premises and let the professionals handle it.

  10. Tim McCormack

    Tim McCormack said, almost 6 years ago

    @palin drome: Not sure what you’re going on about, there. Kids go to their parents, role models, and folks with more experience for help.

  11. QuiteDragon

    QuiteDragon said, almost 6 years ago

    jrmerm, I agree that Toggle acted wisely, clearly he has been traumatized by the inhuman brutality of war. But, someone attending college hardly constitutes a potential suicide bombing situation.

  12. Richard S. Russell

    Richard S. Russell GoComics PRO Member said, almost 6 years ago

    Good for Leo for being honest and not going into denial.

  13. PappyFiddle

    PappyFiddle said, almost 6 years ago

    For Toggle, the war is only over in an academic sense (like all of our warriors in Iraq now)

  14. John Pike

    John Pike said, almost 6 years ago

    I agree. The young warriors will carry deep memories for a long time. The night before I left ‘Nam, we had to stay in the transient barracks at Division HQ. The grunts really wanted a bunk, they didn’t get to use one often. At the transient barracks, the bunks were stacked three high. Of course we had a rocket attack that night. Some of the grunts had broken bones from rolling out of the third and second bunks without thinking.

    When I got home we had a thunderstorm about midnight or so. It rolled and reverberated so bad I thought it was a rocket attack. I rolled out to the floor and crawled down the hall(second story). As I proceeded down the stairs on my hands and knees I met my mother coming up. She asked me what in the world I was doing. I responded that I was going to the f’ing bunker. Then asked her couldn’t she here the GD incoming. Mom gently shook my shoulder and said, “Son, you’re home now.” Best response she could have given. Not all moms get hysterical. Some give the right answer at the right time. I miss you, Mom.

  15. Dragoncat

    Dragoncat GoComics PRO Member said, almost 6 years ago

    BD’s timing is impeccable!

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