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By Garry Trudeau
Jul 11, 2009
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Slackmeyer: Can you believe this? I'm not on the schedule at all! Mark: Well, you are dead, Dad. Slackmeyer: But not even in a flashback! Where's the respect? ... I need a date. Boy: Ow! What was that for? Sam: Guess. Boss: Sorry, no jobs. Zipper: Whew! Rev. Sloan: Oh, my God... intelligent design! Elmont: And this grate is mine, capiche? Flower: Now what? Zonker: Bloom! B.D.: He's an idiot, but I need a kicker. Rep: He's in! Voices: NO! Toggle: Two downloads off Facebook! Bassist: Yes! Alex: Ohmigod, Stig! Best lick. Ever. Mike: "Dear Mike: will papers cut color?" Obama: No, no, no! Ray: The mission? It is what it is. Jeff: What explosion? J.J.: From what? Zeke: Odd jobs. It's time. Flower: Now what? Zonker: Bloom! Roland: "About to sneeze. Thoughts?" Rick: "I got nothing." Joanie: I'm married to a blogger. Gramma: I'm fixin' to die, son. Mike: I don't think so, Mom! Duke: Love it! 1. Makr begins an on-air appeal. 2. Sam discovers boys. 3. Zipper audits the real world. 4: Reverend Sloan's iPhone epiphany. 5. Elmont mentors the new homeless. 6. Zonker mentors a dahlia. 7. Inside Walden admissions. 8. The GOP finds its voice again. 0. Leo's band takes off. 10. Alex turns fangirl. 11. The ol' mail silo. 12. Obama auditions icons. 13. Ray, rotation five. 14. Jeff's very bad day. 15. Zeke retires. 16. Analog rage continues. 17. Zonker mentions a dahlia. (reruns) 18. Roland tweet week. 19. Rick comes to terms with blogging. 20. Joanie comes to terms with Rick. 21. The widow D cries out for attention. Circle your favorites now so you don't forget to read 'em!
Jul 13, 2009
Small u 201701251612

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