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By Garry Trudeau
Nov 22, 2008
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Dan Quayle: Taste, one, two, three! Taste! Taste! Mark: Earphones fit okay? Quayle: Not really. I think I'll go au naturel. Mark: We're live with our old pal Dan Quayle, who reportedly advised Sarah Palin in the waning days of the campaign... Quayle: I can confirm that, Mark! Mark: What advice did you give her, Dan? Can you say? Quayle: I told her to be herself! Mark: How'd that work out? Quayle: Great! She doubled down on being herself! It was a real game-changer! Mark: But the press still dismissed her as a lightweight. Could you relate to that? Quayle: Absolutely! Back in the day, I had to deal with sexism, too! Mark: You did? Quayle: Are you kidding? Everyone said I was too pretty to be President! Some even suggested I looked like Robert Redford! Mark: Oh, right. Who were those people? Quayle: Who cares? Would they say that to a woman? I don't think so!
Nov 24, 2008
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