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By Garry Trudeau
Apr 7, 1991
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Mark: Good, good news, folks! Yours truly has just acquired the first broadcast serial rights to "Nancy Reagan: The Un-Authorized Biography" by Kitty Kelley, and due out today!  Zonker: It's all here, gang...the scandals, the mobsters, the hairdressers, the closets, the polyps, the hairdressers, the Sinatras, the spread sheets, the hairdressers!  Mark: It's all so explosive. I've asked my good friend Zonker Harris to be here as taste referee. He has selected our first excerpt. Let's start 'em off easy, Zonk.  Zonker: "Julius dyed the President's gray roots, which he'd been doing since 1968..."  Mark: Easy! I said, easy! A freak exclusive.
Apr 9, 1991
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