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By Garry Trudeau
Jul 2, 1988
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Sal: Ask, Dr. Whoopee! If he doesn't know, he'll find out for you! Person: Thanks, Dr. Whoopee! Sal: Any other questions?...Yes, sir? Man: Dr. Whoopee, what about teaching children about AIDS? Sal: Well, like everyone else, children hear about AIDS. Since they don't understand it, they don't worry about it. The surgeon general recommends that you tell them the facts as early as possible. Young children need to know they can't get AIDS from everyday contact. They need to know they can't get it from a mosquito bite or a toilet seat or using a glass someone else has used. And they need to know that an infected schoolmate does not put them at risk... Man: But how do we reach young people with the facts, Dr. Whoopee? Sal: Well, the foremost responsibility lies with parents and schools, of course...but we're also trying to reach children through public service messages on television and in magazines. Man: How about in the comics? Sal: No, no, it's too serious a subject.
Jul 4, 1988
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