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By Garry Trudeau
Mar 19, 1988
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George Bush: No questions on Iran, please...I don't think a man's career should be judged on 30 meetings. ...And I want to be as strong and forceful a president as I was a Vice President. I know what it's like being in there making the tough, difficult calls! Believe me, it's tension city! Of course, when you're making the hard decisions, you have to take flak, just as I did as a young combat pilot! You even have to expect to take some knocks from your own team! Frankly, the president and I don't always see eye to eye! On several occasions I had to tell him I thought he was dead wrong... Reporters: Look! Gasp! He's emerging...as his own man! George Bush: ...but those talks are of course, confidential. Reporters: Awww!!
Mar 21, 1988
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