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By Garry Trudeau
Aug 2, 1986
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Mike: Hmm...might be time to reposition the product....but how to reposition denture adhesive? Zonker: What's shakin' ad-man? Mike: Well, hello! How are New York's most glamorous out-and-abouters? Zonker: We're doing great. Thanks, Mike. Marcia: True story, we couldn't be having a better time...although obviously a girl has to accept certain limitations if she wants to go with someone as fabuloso as Zonker! Zonker: Limitations? Like what? Give me an example. Marcia: Okay, instead of going bowling again tonight, what do you say we go to my place, slip out of our clothes and jump into the sack? Zonker: What for! I don't catch your drift. Marcia: It's sort of like dating an elf.
Aug 4, 1986
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