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By Garry Trudeau
Aug 13, 1981
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Zeke: Murderer! Duke: Hey, hold it down, willya kid? I'm on the phone! Voice: Good evening, Aspen ambulance. Duke: Hello, Les? Duke here. Look, we've had a little accident out at the house. Brenner's taken a slug. He's bleeding all over the place. Voice: Okay, hold on, Duke. I'll send a wagon out right away. Duke: Good. Listen, Les, this is kind of a sensitive matter. I'm thinking about getting back into politics, so I'd appreciate your discretion. Voice: I hear you, ol' buddy. I'll have the guys use the back road. Duke: Great. Say, could you have them swing by and pick me up a pizza? Voice: No problem. You want it with everything?
Aug 15, 1981
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