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By Garry Trudeau
Nov 16, 1980
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Man: Dr. Kissinger, I wonder if you could clear up a rumor for us... Man: Is it true you'll soon be announcing your availibility for a post wtih the Reagan Administration? Kissinger: Well, yes, I... Man: Oh, no... Honey: See? I told you. Man: That means our seminar is cancelled, right, Doc? Man: But it's not fair! We've done all the reading! All the papers! We've worked our hearts out for you! Honey: I knew this would happen. Man: Me, too. That's why I held off on the reading. Kissinger: If I may just explain... Man: No! Go on! Get out of here! Haven't you done enough? Man: And if you punt the job, Doc, don't come crawling back!
Nov 18, 1980
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