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By Garry Trudeau
Mar 25, 1978
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Noise: Chirp! Mike: Chirp yourself! Hey, Zonker, you thinking of getting a date for the prom this year? Zonker: Are you mad? You know how I feel about dating... Mike: What! Still down on women? Zonker: Not at all! Actually, I quite like them, but I've always preferred goals to quotas! I'm still waiting for Ms. Right! Mike: Yeah, well, so are we all Zonk, but a little effort wouldn't hurt. She's not likely to just wander across your field of vision, you know. Besides, it's such a waste of your early manhood, Z! Why, girls are asking me all the time, "when's that cute Zonker Harris going to get down to cases?" Zonker: Yeah, yeah... I know what you're saying, Michael... I admit I've been a bit remiss. It's just that I've been so wrapped up in my studies! Mike: Heck... I know that! But try telling it to your many admirers!
Mar 27, 1978
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