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By Garry Trudeau
Feb 4, 1978
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Ellie: Oh, wow! I have the same sign as John Travolta! That clinches it! We're destined for each other! Hey, Howie, want to be a media couple some day? Howie: Depends. What's a media couple? Ellie: You know, be seen together all the time and stuff! Howie: Gimme an example. Ellie: Well, let's see... Pete Hamill and Jackie O! Howie: No way. People would accuse me of trying to refinance Queens! Ellie: Okay. How about Linda Ronstadt and Jerry Brown? Howie: Rock fans don't vote. Ellie: I've got it! Let's be Carl Bernstein and Nora Ephron! Howie: Nah... you gotta go to too many dinner parties. Ellie: Boy! You sure are picky! Howie: How about Mr. and Mrs. Neil Armstrong?
Feb 6, 1978
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