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Clay Bennett


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  1. Molon Labe

    Molon Labe said, 2 months ago

    So Clay thinks that the bill of rights is something that belongs to the past and has no meaning, is even dangerous to believe in, in todays society.

    Clay, you are wrong. Religious liberty, and belief in the right to self defense using any weapon are not established by the constitution. They preexist the constitution. They are simply acknowledged by the constitution.

    One of the requirements for having a free society is to occasionally having to deal with people you disagree with. I would wish that you would use your first amendment rights to support the rest of the bill of rights, including the second amendment. Sadly, I cannot count on you to do so.

    Like the Nazi’s that marched through Skokie Illinois, I will have to deal with you and your ilk’s hatred of that which not only is right, but protects you from enemies foreign and domestic. Even while you advocate for a slavery society.

  2. ARodney

    ARodney said, 2 months ago

    This cartoon is in reference to Joe Nocera’s Gun Report in the NYT, and the recent article, tabulating all shootings since Newtown that are reported in the news. Guns kill their owners and their children at a much, much higher rate than they prevent crime.

  3. Enoki

    Enoki said, 2 months ago


    How many of those deaths were suicides ARod given that about a third of all gun deaths in the US were suicides?
    Of the rest how many were the result of criminal activity or where criminal activity was present?

  4. Beau Nobo

    Beau Nobo said, 2 months ago

    Live by the gun, die by the gun.

  5. Tigger

    Tigger GoComics PRO Member said, 2 months ago

    Clay has a problem with our Constitution?

    What about the student who stabbed his teacher to death with a knife? Should we ban Knives? Should we have background checks before we can buy a knife? Should their be a limit on how long the blade can be? Should we out and out ban swords?

    Explain the daily Black on Black gun violence in Chicago, a City with very strict Gun Control Laws?

    Think about it when you use the excuse how folks in Chicago go to other Cities and States to buy guns and bring them back to Chicago.

  6. Tigger

    Tigger GoComics PRO Member said, 2 months ago


    Knives also kill people, according to you and Bennett we must ban knves

  7. brian_db

    brian_db GoComics PRO Member said, 2 months ago

    The Southern States lobbied for the Second Amendment to insure that slaves were kept subjugated. By “Militia” our Founding Fathers meant the “slave patrols” that were necessary to prevent slave uprisings:

  8. Robert Landers

    Robert Landers said, 2 months ago


    Nobody reasonable is saying that honest citizens can not, or even should not, have such items as hand guns, rifles, or shot guns. But, anything can be taken to extremes (you can die from drinking too much water, which is ordinarily a very good thing for you). Also, knives, automobiles, and even poisons have legitimate uses other than killing your fellow human beings (or other creatures for that matter). Other than hunting (which no longer a necessity for the food to remain alive and active in our civilized technological society), guns generally have no other uses than to kill. And that is why guns should be at least as regulated as automobiles, with their licenses for both drivers and automobiles (and even special licenses for heavy vehicles such as trucks). And if you were to say, then let us properly administer the laws already on the books, I would have no problems with agreeing with you at all. Heck, I am even for allowing those that must have the “fun” of firing totally automatic very powerful guns to be able to go to special firing ranges and do so to their hearts content. I just do not think that they should then be allowed to take such lethal weaponry home with them!!

  9. ColinJames

    ColinJames said, 2 months ago

    The land of fear, mistrust and hatred… given the quality of comments here. The gun fetish that’s part of your culture is kind of strange from those who watch the US fishbowl with amazement.

  10. JPTewel

    JPTewel said, 2 months ago

    Love seeing all you right wing nut jobs get your panties in a twist over a cartoon. No wonder your power base is shrinking. One fact remains, the USA per capita has the highest number of gun deaths by a huge margin over any other non-warring country. Why? Easy access to weapons.

  11. ossiningaling

    ossiningaling said, 2 months ago

    Now THAT’S a gunsucker.

  12. eugene57

    eugene57 said, 2 months ago


    “How many of those deaths were suicides ARod given that about a third of all gun deaths in the US were suicides?”
    You approve of people killing themselves with easily accessible guns?
    “Of the rest how many were the result of criminal activity or where criminal activity was present?”
    Why don’t you look it up and let us know.

  13. dtroutma

    dtroutma GoComics PRO Member said, 2 months ago

    Roughly 60% ARE suicides, mostly men. Women tend to try overdosing, and many survive, among those guys with guns, very few fail to succeed.

  14. ReasonsVentriloquist

    ReasonsVentriloquist said, 2 months ago

    Because all of a sudden suicide is A ok?
    But Doctor assisted suicide? That’s a jailable offense against the nation!
    Get a personal philosophy that is not internally contradictory and run your thoughts through it before you present them.
    Chances are, you’ll become a Liberal if you do. (which is why you won’t)

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