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  1. dtroutma

    dtroutma GoComics PRO Member said, almost 4 years ago

    Does he keep his little blue pill between his knees to prevent pregnancy from his “woody”??

  2. W(ar).Crime

    W(ar).Crime said, almost 4 years ago

    Let’s add to the population, poverty, and illiteracy stats. After all, God deems it so. Alleged.

  3. Harleyquinn

    Harleyquinn GoComics PRO Member said, almost 4 years ago

    It is not only life but if you are to stupid to figure out how it happens then maybe you should look into your own solutions and take yourself out of the equation. What is one more death. By your own admission you can not afford life.
    All but “whose health is put at risk” and even then if you knew ahead of time I refer you back to my 1st solution. But my guess is that .0001% knew ahead of time they would be putting there own lives “at risk” if they accidentally got pregnant. So that is a straw man if I ever did see one.

  4. Jade

    Jade GoComics PRO Member said, almost 4 years ago

    Straw man: Taxpayer funded abortion.

  5. Harleyquinn

    Harleyquinn GoComics PRO Member said, almost 4 years ago


    Tax payer funded planned parenthood, no tax money does not go directly to abortions but abortions are in the budget.
    Simple solution, cut funding 2$ for ever 1$ that is directly or even indirectly in the PP budget.
    Money can still be used in the libs mommy government knows best sex ed treatment but ever time they “recommend” death, it will cost them funding.

  6. disgustedtaxpayer

    disgustedtaxpayer said, almost 4 years ago

    Eryx….the Christian religion was always given exemption from certain taxes, while salary officials pay income and social security personal taxes.

    The rational has always been that while a local church does not receive particular government benefits, costing the taxpayers nothing, the teachings benefit society by encouraging lawabiding citizens who usually do not require police expenditures, or welfare spending, etc…

    Local and groups of churches do offer services to the poor and to the needy and also help in disasters… Katrina the Salvation Army and church groups did more to help people than the feds or state, in the early aftermath of the floods.

    if you tax churches, it will set off consequences of new activities such as political participation….more like the Pre-Revolutionary churches activity in bringing about the separation from the oppressive English government…

  7. disgustedtaxpayer

    disgustedtaxpayer said, almost 4 years ago


    p.s. One reason tax revenue is not as much as it could have been is the loss of millions of abortions done in this nation since January 1973. Our missing never-allowed-to-be-born taxpayers.

    but our form of government doesn’t work the way you think, Eryx…..if others do not pay taxes it in no way means I “have to pay more”! The IRS rate is set and is supposed to be the same rate on income as everyone else and the government doesn’t “own” the money until taxes due are paid.

  8. Noveltman

    Noveltman said, almost 4 years ago

    Wow SKP TomV, that is some incendiary language. I might add that poor people who accidentally get pregnant are about equal in number to the wealthy ones. Only the wealthy ones pay for their own abortions. And no one is the wiser. But morality my donkey.

  9. Jase99

    Jase99 GoComics PRO Member said, almost 4 years ago

    The callous inhumanity of your statement just boggled my mind. Just…. wow. Please tell me you are not a Christian.

    Abortion is only a small part of the services performed by Planned Parenthood. If you would go to one and ask about their full range of services, you’d see that. In addition to providing birth control, they provide basic health care (screenings, vaccines, physicals, et cetera), reproductive health care, STD testing, education, and a wide range of counseling services. They are there for the people who need them.

    But then by the looks of your post, you’re not really interested in anyone who helps others.

  10. Chrisnp

    Chrisnp said, almost 4 years ago

    As usual, people aren’t arguing the main issue about abortion: Is a fetus a human life? Looked at through this lens, all the other arguments become secondary. Can a woman kill a human being because she does not want them? Can she kill them because they will cause her financial hardship? Can she kill another person because she has medical issues? Of course not. On the other hand, If a fetus is nothing more than a fleshy growth, then what right does anyone have to tell someone else to have a simple procedure to get rid of something she does not want, would be a financial burden, and cause a health risk? No sane person would take such a stand.

    Same with the terms “pro-choice” and “pro-life.” I wish people would stop hiding from what they are really talking about. All laws limit choice. Legal issues around assisted suicide, marijuana use, or unlawful medical procedures are all about whether a choice should be made that ultimately affects what you can do with your body. Pro-life people tend to differ if that life belongs to a criminal on death row or a soldier being sent off to war.
    So, should we assign the notions of human life and human rights to a fetus? I’m frankly I’m ambivalent. We kill all the time, so the fact that a fetus is biologically living is not enough. Do we call it human and give it those rights? That’s the debate I’d like to see taken up.

    As to Clark Kent’s argument that only women have the right to decide this issue – since as far as I know none of us here have the power to decide this issue, it appears he is more offended that a man is expressing an opinion he does not like on something he views as only about a woman’s right. Well, Clark, how dare you decide for women that they are overwhelmingly pro-choice? I will still deplore genocide in Africa, although I am not African. I will support gay rights although I am not gay, and I will support free speech – regardless of gender – even when I disagree with it.

  11. Jade

    Jade GoComics PRO Member said, almost 4 years ago


    “Tax payer funded planned parenthood, no tax money does not go directly to abortions but abortions are in the budget. "
    - Then you obviously do not want any taxpayer money to go into private insurance. Even the RNC has an insurer that does provide coverage for abortions. So the solution is obviously single payer.

    - And in contrast, all taxpayer money should be removed from Faith Based Initiatives, since SOME money might go to anti-gay churches and gays are citizens of the United States protected by the 1st & 14th Amendment. Hey, your logic.

    - I’ll save you some time for your next response: “Blah blah blah one note song.”
    - And my next response: “Blah blah blah one note ‘wah liberals and mommy government’ blah blah blah.”

  12. Harleyquinn

    Harleyquinn GoComics PRO Member said, almost 4 years ago


    what, the man is only allowed one insertion? then it is none of his business? So it only take one to make it happen? well there part of your problem right there. you have to start at the root of the problem in order to get at a solution and you do not even understand step 1

  13. Harleyquinn

    Harleyquinn GoComics PRO Member said, almost 4 years ago


    duuuuuuuh I do not understand why churches are not taxed. back of the line please

  14. Harleyquinn

    Harleyquinn GoComics PRO Member said, almost 4 years ago


    do not confuse them with something like that, by the murders own logic most would have ended up as democratic dependency voters anyway and we are better off without all those extra mouths to feed. At least that is what I hear them singing when they say " does not want and can not afford"

  15. Harleyquinn

    Harleyquinn GoComics PRO Member said, almost 4 years ago

    @Clark Kent

    Yawn, and part of the problem is that sex is seen as a recreational activity. Not as something two committed people do. So there fore the guy does not matter so the even more reason to just kill the unborn child right? I mean the guy is just a sperm donor in any hook up right! and you just can not see the problem do you?

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