Oct 13, 2012
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Embroidered jeans
studded jeans
rhinestone jeans
dressy jeans
really dressy jeans
sort of dressy jeans
casual jeans
ripped jeans
faded jeans
ripped and faded jeans
dark jeans
low cut jeans
high cut jeans
medium cut jeans
baggy cut jeans
boot cut jeans
flared jeans
wide leg jeans
skinny leg jeans
stretch jeans
low-cut, faded, dressy jeans
boot-cut, casual, ripped jeans
baggy-cut, semi-faded, sort of dressy, high-cut jeans
really dressy, dark, skinny leg, flared stretch jeans
Once, the easiest dress code on earth, now, a fashion nightmare:
Cathy: "Just wear jeans".
Oct 15, 2012
Small u 201701251612

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