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Calvin and Hobbes

By Bill Watterson
Dec 12, 2015
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Calvin: "Did you throw that snowball at me?!"
Hobbes: "What snowball?"
Calvin: "Ohhh. Don't play innocent with ME, Buster! That snowball had your name written ALLLLL over it!"
Hobbes: "Oh yea?!"
Calvin: "Yeah! It was sneaky, fiendish, vicious, treacherous, grim and ruthless! Put all that together and it spells "Tiger"!"
Hobbes: "No it doesn't! It spells "Calvin's new name is Mr. Stupid Soggyshorts!"
Calvin: "Ooh THAT does it!"
Susie: "Hey Calvin, you should've seen your expression when I hit you with that snowball! Ha Ha!"
Dec 14, 2015
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