May 18, 1991
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Calvin: "Man the harpoons! Thar she blows!!"
Calvin: "Can Hobbes take a bath too?"
Mom: "No, Hobbes doesn't need one. Hold still"
Calvin: "By golly, what if I drown because nobody was here to rescue me??"
Calvin: "HOBBES! C'MERE!"
Calvin: "Mom can't know you're in here, okay?"
Hobbes: "I'll disguise myself with bubbles"
Calvin: " need a hat. Hang on, and I'll get one of dad's"
Hobbes: "I like his gray one best"
Calvin: "Maybe you should wear a tie, too. I'll be right back"
Hobbes: "Better hurry! I think I hear your mom coming!"
Mom: "Dear! Why are YOU taking a bath?!? ...And wearing your best hat!!"
May 20, 1991
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