Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson

Calvin and Hobbes

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  1. jimbo666

    jimbo666 said, over 6 years ago


  2. Bubba

    Bubba said, about 5 years ago

    I never know what that feeling is like. Evan though I’ve had 6 sguare meals a day.

  3. GrailVanGogh

    GrailVanGogh said, almost 5 years ago

    I feel for the parents having to pay that grocery bill.

  4. hobbsfriend

    hobbsfriend said, over 4 years ago

    dad,dad,dad,…will you ever learn??

  5. Zirusko

    Zirusko said, over 4 years ago

    lol… funny

  6. jewlmc

    jewlmc said, about 4 years ago

    lol! Calvin took it literally!

  7. bmonk

    bmonk said, about 4 years ago

    ”What happened to all the tuna?”

  8. comixmaster1000

    comixmaster1000 said, almost 4 years ago

    Don’t stuff him any more than he already is…

  9. hihigirl

    hihigirl said, over 3 years ago


    I get stuffed and I eat more!! too bad parents don’t let me eat all I want

  10. roryccool3 (Rory)

    roryccool3 (Rory) said, about 3 years ago

    It’s hard stuffing a tiger – last panel.

  11. Angel Child

    Angel Child said, almost 3 years ago

    He is already stuffed.

  12. yow4zip

    yow4zip GoComics PRO Member said, almost 3 years ago

    Yeah, stuff it Calvin!

  13. ♪QwertyBlocks♪

    ♪QwertyBlocks♪ said, over 2 years ago

    Lets have him for dinner!

  14. INGSOC

    INGSOC GoComics PRO Member said, over 2 years ago

    Hobbes is stuffed….

  15. big NateRocks

    big NateRocks said, over 2 years ago

    misunderstood “stuff it”

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