Jan 3, 2017
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Lupin:  This reporter read the news. What happened next will shock you.
Puck:  This food bowl starts off empty every morning, until THIS happens.
Elvis:  The one weird plant that will make you throw up.
Puck:  You'll never guess what's inside this box.
Lupin:  The surprising secret to getting more chin rubs.
Tommy:  The one thing about outside you never knew!
Puck:  23 reasons Buzzy Mice make great companions.
Lupin:  Number 8 is my favorite!
Elvis:  5 things cats who report the news wish you knew.
Lupin:  17 things only cats who grew up chasing bugs will understand.
Tommy:  54 images that will restore your faith in birds.
Lupin:  People hate this new trick!
Puck:  You'll never look at the Woman the same after you see this-
Woman:  Puck? Is that you?
Lupin:  You won't believe what happens next!
Jan 5, 2017
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