Dec 18, 2016
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Mother:  I can't believe you're going through with this.
Paisley:  Angora, what about Kit? Your kittenhood sweetheart?
Angora:  I haven't seen kit in months.
Paisley:  That ambulance was going awfully fast- Here comes another one!
Angora:  Did you see that driver? It looked like-
Mother:  Does it seem like those ambulances are chasing each other?
Paisley:  I sense treachery!
Brad:  Ram him! We can't be caught in this!
Kit:  They're gaining on us, Mr. T! You okay back there?
Snowball:  Help! Help! I've been catnapped-by the poor!
Dr. Kittens:  Take that, Kit Chase!
Kit:  #@*!!
Snowball:  Oh my cat, save us!
Kit:  I'm trying!  I'm going to try to lose them, Mr. T!  We're heading straight into... ...Laundry Canyon.
Robber Mouse:  Oh my gouda.
Dec 20, 2016
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