Nov 7, 2016
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Lupin: Elvis is missing! For ridiculous reasons only understood by Elvis, he went outside and now he's gone. 
Puck: If he were here, he'd be so angry.
Lupin: I know. Who's going to panic now?
Puck: He's here, Lupin. Melting down in spirit. 
Woman: Well? 
Man: I can't find him anywhere. He's nowhere on our street. 
Woman: He's out there somewhere. We'll find him. 
Lupin: Exclusive report: Woman claims "we'll find him!" 
Puck: Lupin, I'm standing next to you where the woman is optimistic! 
Elvis: No more sky pieces. Looks like Lupin was right. The big pink house is no where in sight...  There are so many houses, but none of them are mine. And  the food bowl in my tummy is empt. I guess things can't get much worse... 
Tommy: Why, hello neighbor!
Nov 9, 2016
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