Oct 21, 2016
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Lupin:  Reports of slander are coming in from the living room. Elvis, what have you heard?
Elvis:  Lupin, ordinarily I don't come out from behind the couch when there's company, but viewers need to hear this.
Lady:  ...Don't let the cats near the Baby! They'll steal his breath!
Puck:  What? Why would we do that?
Lupin:  Lady, don't flatter yourself. I have my own breath.  I breathe it all the time.
Elvis:  Oh, yeah, I'm totally going to steal the Baby's breath...right after I curse this spindle for him to prick his finger on.
Puck:  Do I look like an old Siberian witch?
Elvis:  Be right back, building a tower to imprison the baby.
Woman:  Um, thanks, but ah, I think that's just an old wive's tale.
Puck:  CN news, ma'am...Do I look like I live in a gingerbread house in the woods?
Elvis:  Why would I even go near the baby?
Oct 23, 2016
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