Oct 16, 2016
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Lupin:  The man lost his tail.
Elvis:  Lupin, I'm live on the scene where the Man is trying to bravely carry on.
Lupin:  Courage.
Elvis:  We can only speculate how this will affect his balance, but experts have drawn this chart.
"No Balance Like walking on ice in roller skates"
Lupin:  No...
Elvis:  Yes. And analysts are already predicting it could get worse with time.
Puck:  Are we certain People even need tails?
Elvis:  Yes.
Puck:  Man?  CN News, your back cold?
Lupin:  CN News, do you need to lie down?
Elvis:  Still there? 
Lupin:  You're good.
Puck:  It'll be okay, we'll share mine.
Oct 18, 2016
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