May 14, 2016
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Lupin: It's that time of year again! Tommy is out asking locals if they've seen any evidence that warmer days are ahead! 
Tommy: Thanks, Lupin! CN news; have you noticed any signs of spring? 
Trevor: Er...
Burt: Aw Tommy, if I can be honest, I'd rather not talk news on my break.
Local: Well...Snakes are out. I saw one this morning. 
Tommy: Cool! 
Trevor: Made me anxious...
Trevor: That's why I came to see Burt. He has a calming presence. 
Burt: Thanks, man. 
Elvis: That cat is huge. 
Puck: (PUFF) 
Lupin: It's called a dog, Elvis. 
Lupin: And they are wild and unpredictable. 
Elvis: According to this, "dogs" all hunt in packs and do not care for cats or frisbees! 
Puck: Also, they are shape-shifters. 
Burt: You guys are being really uncool right now- 
Beatrix: Coffee run! 
Beatrix: (GASP)
Beatrix: A dog!
Beatrix: I did not know there was someone new. 
Beatrix: Not to worry. 
Beatrix: Please accept this Earl Grey tea. 
Trevor: Between seeing a snake and being accused of shape-shifting... 
Trevor: ...It's been a weird day. 
Trevor: This tea helps. 
Beatrix: I always carry emergency tea bags!
May 16, 2016
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