May 18, 2013
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narrator: guz is taking doowee to see wizer...
doowee: has he had a trial to establish his guilt?
guz: a trial? why? there's no doubt about his guilt! he told us all about how he did it!
doowee: ah! a confession! fine! did you read the prisoner his rights before he confessed?
guz: his rights? what rights are you talkin' about?
doowee: isn't there some constitution in this country that guarentees citizens their rights?
guz: oh, i see what this is! you're a troublemaker, aren't you?
doowee: no, i'm no troublemaker! i only care about protecting people's rights!
guz: oh, well, in that case, maybe there is something i can do! you have the right to join him down there in th' pit!
doowee: please, can't we talk about this?
guz: we've talked enough!
oop: what do you think you're doin' guz?
guz: i'm told it's called, "readin" people their rights!
May 20, 2013
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