Mar 30, 2013
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oop: wizer, if you don't come clean about what you were doin', i'm gonna bring back those dinosaurs i chased off an' throw your sorry carcass in th' pit with 'em!
oop: i'm not takin' th' blame for this, so you better start talkin' fast!
wizer: all right!! all right!!
wizer: witht the help of a special hypnotizing potion i created, i was able to control the minds of all of the dinosaurs in moo!
oop: so that's why dinny was gettin' all goofy!
wizer: once i had control, of the dinosaurs, i was going to have them charge toward moo just long enough to scare everyone...
wizer: then i was going to show my powers over the beasts by stepping in and stopping them at the last moment!
guz: are you insane?!
guz: you actually planned to stop the charging dinosaurs?
wizer: and it would have worked too, but apparently the potion wasn't strong enough, and it wore off on my first dino subject!
Apr 1, 2013
Small u 201701251613

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