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By Rob Harrell
Jan 22, 2011
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Adam:  Sigh.  I"m so depressed I don't even think coffee can cheer me up.
Laura:  What's the matter?
Adam:  Well, last year at this time, we were excitedly gearing up for the winter Olympics.  This year...there's nothing but an icy wasteland waiting for us.
Laura:  Maybe we could schedule a Newman family Olympics.
Adam:  That's not a bad idea. I'll be able to use my luge jumpsuit again.
Laura:  So here are my ideas for events: Basement Cleaning, Furniture Polishing, Homework Finishing, Music Lessoning, and Wife Adoring.
Adam:  With the aerodynamic benefits of my luge suit, I like my chances to break the world furniture-polishing record.
Laura:  And think what it'll do for your Wife Adoring.
Jan 24, 2011
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