About Small Potatoes

Paul Madonna's "Small Potatoes" is a charming and emotionally nuanced look into a world where the potatoes may be small but the dreams (and occasional existential crises) are big.

Paul Madonna is an award-winning artist and writer known for combining drawing and stories in a wide range of genres, from his enigmatic art series All Over Coffee which ran for twelve years in the San Francisco Chronicle, to his outrageous ongoing syndicated cartoon series Small Potatoes, to his large-scale public murals, to his entertaining and sharply-plotted illustrated novels. Celebrated internationally in museums as well as in print, Paul’s unique blend of drawing and storytelling has been heralded as an “all new art form.”

Paul Madonna’s second book, Everything is its own reward (City Lights 2011), won of the Northern California Book Reviewer’s Recognition Award for Best Book.

In 1993 Paul Madonna was MAD Magazine’s first ever Art Intern. Having applied for the ambiguously labeled position of intern, he was informed that MAD only offered writing internships. They were so impressed with both Paul’s writing and drawing skills, however, that they created a new position for him.

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