Apr 11, 2013
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tax tips from the irs

doodling in the margins of any internal revenue service form is a misdemeanor. possibly a felony. hang on while we check. the point is don't, ok?
bye-bye money
kiss me
form 1040 department of the
u.s. individu
label (see instructions on page 21.) use the irs label. otherwise please print type.

please conform to all workspace hygiene directives when preparing your return. these instruct all filers to wash their hands between each form, to abstain from all snacks containing peanuts and to remove all dander-producing pets from the workspace. also do not couch into the envelope provided.
man: kaff

you are strongly advised not to fill out any forms with your special "happy pen." this falls under the laws prohibiting the filing of a frivolous return as it detracts from the solemn grandeur of the occasion.

finally do not refer to the irs as "it really sucks" or as the "income removal stooges", even in casual conversation. we will find out if you do.
oop: who said that?
Apr 18, 2013
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