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    The answer to the partial (and totally) blacked-out comic strip is as follows:

    This strip was written by the late Jerry Bittle. He passed away from a heart attack in 2003 at the age of 53.

    In 2003 and earlier, dial-up was often used to upload things to the Internet. Some of you will recall how the connection was often lost. If it was lost while uploading a photo, a partial photo was the result — and since it loaded from the top down, the part of the photo visible was the upper portion. The rest was either gray or black.

    These early uploads of the Geech comic are all GoComics has possession of. They have weeded out some that are incomprehensible with too much blacked out; others are allowed to stay, since the dialog is still funny, even without part of the drawing.

    And there’s the explanation, finally posted early enough in the day that readers might see it! :-)

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    And if you do get back to Moo and turn off the time machine there, how will you get back here?

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    Neither do I.

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    “They aren’t destructive,” he says. “They aren’t destructive” ??!!! (mouth agape) I, too have daughters, sons, granddaughters, and grandsons. (still staring at the computer screen in astonishment) “They aren’t destructive” !

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    That’s using your spaghetti, Ralph. (bettah?)

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    Joe, ignore the idiot (who did name himself appropriately, at least). I like calendars, too – pretty ones, with beautiful pictures. And I’m thankful for Independence Day, too.

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    Just wash rolled-up socks… dry them… tuck them into drawers. Whoever did it … will quit. Trust me.