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  1. about 5 years ago on Pearls Before Swine

    Hokie1979 here are my answers

    1) Good can be defined by objective benefit and harm of an action. It is useful to have a society where we do not harm one another, because we have evolved as social creatures and we wish not to be harmed. So even without a god to guide us the golden rule, “do unto others as you would have done unto you,” is a good one to go by, or as the Wiccans would say, “an it harm none, so mote it be.” Basically ignoring the fact that we’ve evolved a sense of empathy (well most of us), not actively harming others is in our common good.

    2) Again it’s not necessary to have religion to believe that we should help others, and people in fact, gain satisfaction from doing so. I’m sure Ghandi felt immense satisfaction when the British withdrew from India, and I’m sure Mother Theresa felt pride in every life she touched. Whatever reward might await them, in the afterlife it’s not as if they didn’t experience psychological rewards on Earth.

    3) What I’m okay with is a non-starter… there either is an afterlife, or there isn’t. I don’t get to determine if there is one, or what it’s rules are. What I have a hard time with is the belief that you have to stumble across the right religion to get your eternal reward, if there is a God I hope they would treat anyone who made an honest effort to understand the universe and treat their fellows with respect and compassion as worthy, and that Mother Theresa wouldn’t be rewarded as a Christian, while Ghandi is condemned as a pagan.

    4) How about a queer child being disowned, brainwashed, or beaten by their religious parents?

    5) When Christians stop using Old Testament Law, we’ll stop using OT Law when debating them. and other five… I don’t think you’re really missing anything as long as you treat your neighbor with compassion… You do you! Religious freedom is vitally important to the running of society. You personally though seem to be setting yourself up as morally superior to atheists which I do not agree with.

    When you agree to enter into a monogamous relationship with someone, you’ve created a contract with them… and violating that contract is a scumy thing to do. If you want to cancel that contract you should be up front about it. Again don’t hurt others, because you do not wish to be hurt yourself.

    6) Have you been paying attention to the news concerning France’s recent string of Burkini laws in the name of secularism? Atheists love to target all religions, Christianity is just the biggest target (in America). By the way state atheism is just as dangerous as a state religion, as soon as you believe you are better than someone because of how they believe it becomes easy to target them for violence.

    Also while I have no issue with Teutonic Paganism, it’s often used by white supremacists (just as Christianity is), so there is reason to debate them on occasion.

    7) an insular group is bound to fear outsiders and view them as a threat, so it’s still really hard to say from that one example if it’s a lack of religion at fault…