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A college Instructor who lived in Japan for 30 years.

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  1. over 8 years ago on Stone Soup Classics

    This saves us time. i think all your fans must appreciate this!

  2. over 8 years ago on Stone Soup

    Thanks for sharing a part of Jan Eliot’s speech.

  3. over 8 years ago on Stone Soup

    Stone Soup is full of my favorite comic characters! When I lived in Japan, I didn’t have access to this strip. Now, I will really miss the weekday ones, but am relieved that the Sunday ones will continue. Thank you for your top notch comics, Jan!

  4. over 8 years ago on Baldo


  5. over 8 years ago on Luann

    Definitely Mr. Grey. He has experience, wants to make friends, and the clue is that the person who said, “it’s me,” is short. Too short for TJ.

  6. over 8 years ago on Stone Soup

    Phil is often good at saying the right thing at the right time. Looks like he will be the strong man who can deal with this somewhat dysfunctional family.

  7. over 8 years ago on Little Fried Chicken and Sushi

    Perhaps Mai’s grandfather was talking about Karl’s nose (not as high or pointed as some foreigners) and/or that Karl’s eyes were dark brown like Japanese. However, the comments I got in Japan the most were something like: “I didn’t expect an American to be so sensitive.”

  8. over 8 years ago on Pickles

    A wrinkled shirt and unpolished shoes are not a problem, but changing his tie would have fixed him for church. What bothers me is young women in short shorts and low necked shirts in church. One woman dressed in the shortest of shorts and she was barefoot. If you ask why a ninja like person is bothered by this, it is true that in Japan people dress more conservatively at church, even though teenagers are allowed to be more casual.

  9. over 8 years ago on Stone Soup

    Most certainly, Luann and her brother have gone through the greatest artistic changes, and that includes their parents transition to cartoon characters in their own right (rather than the view of their legs on a chair).

  10. over 8 years ago on Stone Soup

    There’s no way that Phil’s high forehead (as it is drawn now) could have been scrunched into his police helmet in this drawing. Even his nose is a different shape. Well, I guess there must have been an ‘art evolution’ as TEMPLO S.U.D. said.