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  1. about 9 years ago on [Deleted]

    Okay, what you just described is called fascism. Only with a childish worldview like yours can you even begin to imagine that “investors” at the top can continue to just syphon off profits without actually contributing anything to society. Tell me how that’ll work out when the Fed stops loaning money. You think that it is the social programs (that make this country so great) that are bleeding us dry but in reality it is your ignorant economic viewpoint. Tell me how on earth can an economy sustain itself that way? Oh wait, we tried it and it doesn’t. Anything else you got to say Mr Reagan?

  2. about 9 years ago on Tom the Dancing Bug

    I have one more question. If Mitt Romney is such a saint and cares about creating more jobs, why doesn’t he ACTUALLY do a philanthropic act like open up businesses on his dime, run it until it’s profitable and then give it up completely so that all the employees have an equal share in the company and can arrange their own pay. If he really cared about creating American jobs through philanthropy this would seem like a perfect model (opportunity rather) to do so. And if Mitt was such a good businessman this would be no problem for him, right?


    Nobody would be blaming Mitt for being rich if he did it legitimately and had any sense as to what he is actually doing. Not only that but he’s not even putting his money where his mouth is. Instead he is a character that is so painfully humiliating I feel embarrassed for him.

  3. about 9 years ago on [Deleted]

    LOL. Please. Name one instance in the history of any economy EVER where “Trickle Down” economics has worked. Usually the goal in capitalism is to keep as much money as you possibly can and NOT let it ‘trickle down’. Which means business owners will only ever pay employees what they HAVE TO in order for them not to stop production. Let me repeat that. A business owner is only going to pay a worker as much as he has to. And please, give me an example where a corporation in America is paying all their employees a fair and decent wage. No really, I’ll wait.

  4. about 9 years ago on [Deleted]

    I am in awe at the stupidity of those that believe that a completely free market would open up more business. We live in capitalism. These business owners don’t open up a factory solely for the purpose of “creating more American jobs durrrr”, they do so to make a profit. Mark my words if there weren’t motivation to become filthy stinking rich there would be no businesses. Opening a Wal Mart and providing 100 piddly ass minimum wage jobs IS NOT helping the economy grow. And are we forgetting the literally only thing good about capitalism? In markets when there is a demand it will be met with supply. So all your saintly business owners who you think are doing a favor to the American economy are merely filling a vacuum and becoming filthy rich while shipping jobs overseas, not paying workers enough, destroying the environment, all whilst not even paying their FAIR SHARE of taxes. Oh but I suppose we should be thankful for creating a bunch of minimum wage jobs nobody can afford to work. Get a clue.

    When you’re entire economy is shaped like a pyramid it makes sense to firmly support the base or else the entire thing will crumble.