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  1. about 5 hours ago on Luann

    Interesting. Ann Awful’s use of “our cabin” and her body language, putting herself literally and figuratively between father and daughter… Still waiting for Karma to kick Ann’s butt. I hope it is spectacular and soon.

  2. 6 days ago on JumpStart

    Outside is good, just not around people! I’ve been walking the dog, and she agrees that outside is good. But she doesn’t understand why no one is stopping to pet her. She still gets the “awwww!” But then they keep walking. She is a bit confused, and I can’t seem to explain it to her.

  3. 10 days ago on PreTeena

    I’m waiting for Johnston to make friends with her… that will bring Jeri running to “friend” her!

  4. 11 days ago on Luann

    Who predicted the escape of the hamster? I see it happening!

  5. 12 days ago on Cat's Cafe

    I found 13, 15 if we are counting the two in the title! This was a nice way to start my day, that and coffee of course!

  6. 13 days ago on Red and Rover

    I had a boxer who loved veggies too. And she too could gas me out of the room!

  7. 17 days ago on On A Claire Day

    Oh no! And no collars with tags to let people know they are pets! (hope they are at least microchipped!)

  8. 17 days ago on Luann

    Long time ago, on a planet far, far away… (jk) I was a manager for a Red Robin. I believe I had reincarnations of your SIL. Two older ladies (relative term as I was in my 20s, but they “looked” somewhere in their late 60s?) and they would always ask for a manager – not their first rodeo if you know what I mean. When it was my shift, I had gone over and asked the issue, it was always: 1. poor service, 2. food came out cold/wrong/burnt (however most of it was eaten), 3. where ever they sat it was always “too cold” for them. I made a note of the names and did comp them the first time. The second time, I made sure I was their server, made a note of the exact time myself, busser, or other server checked on them (every 5-10 minutes after food was served). Now I wasn’t in a uniform, but slacks and a button down. They finished almost all of their food and told the busser that they wanted to speak to a manager, NOW. So I sauntered over, and inquired as to the issue. One starts going on about the poor service, that the waiter didn’t get the order right, drinks were never refilled, etc. I politely tell her that I am the manager, and according to my accounts (pulling out note book) tallied off all the interactions of their table, to include that I took their order. One of them accused me of lying and I pointed to a camera (of which I made sure they were seated under) and stated that I could pull the footage and prove it. They spluttered and such paid their bill (no tip as usual – from reports of other servers) and departed stating loudly they would never eat there again. Guess who was back the following week. I greeted them by name and sat them in the same booth. From the server on duty, they complained, but didn’t demand to speak to the manager. lol

  9. 20 days ago on Luann

    I’m still waiting for major KARMA to kick Ann’s a**!! Been waiting for a REALLY LONG time. Sigh Something tells me we will continue to wait.

  10. 21 days ago on Aunty Acid

    And the arguments/fights always seem to start around 0300 (3am)!