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  1. over 11 years ago on [Deleted]

    Well, I worked for a grocery chain, a major chain. Back in the60’s, 70’s, 80’s and into the 90’s, we were the only store that was large and had the most variety of items. Our customers came from as far away as 100 miles to shop. At Christmas and Easter, it would not be uncommon to have a day with sales over $100,000 – We used to have $70,000 days or more on the paper mill’s payday. My wife works for the city as head cashier. The paper mill.is our city’s major employer and when the business property tax was due each year, the paper mill would come into the office and would personally hand my wife a check for over one million dollars.

  2. over 11 years ago on Dick Tracy

    Comment on Jim’s Crimestoppers of the week – Bank Deposits.

    We have all seen those stories in the news when bank deposits being hidden in camouflage bags were given away accidentally to customers. I remember one story about a deposit being given to a customer via the drive-thru window of a fast food restaurant.

    Check out this story.


    I myself have taken over $100,000 to the bank’s night depository in the days when customers paid in stores in hard cold cash and checks. Being in a smaller community we were able to have a police escort.

  3. over 12 years ago on Dick Tracy

    Good Morning Vista Bill and everyone else. Been away – a little under the weather but nice to be back and getting caught up in the action.

  4. over 12 years ago on Dick Tracy

    Nice touch from Dad – but I think Spike Jr. is already into too deep!!!

    In 1972, a friend of mine was touring a band for Columbia Records of Canda.

    I travelled with them over the summer of ’72 before I went to College in the fall.

    Back then, radio stations in Canada were supposed to program 33.3% of air time during the day to Canadian Talent.

    It was felt that American and British Bands were squeezing out talent from Canada from being played on radio.

    Our bus had crossed over the prairies & we were entering the mountains of British Columbia.

    The band was travelling in an old bus converted into band storage, sleeping quarters and a common area.

    One thing I noticed, even though it was summer, the temperature was dropping as we climbed up the mountains.

    It was about 3:00 a.m. when there was police lights flashing behind us.

    There was a small quanity of “Weed” on the bus which one the “roadies” consumed.

    He did what he could, so no one would get in trouble.

    The sacrifice that man made was beyond the call of duty.

    Expecting the RCMP, were we surprised it was the British Columbia Provincial Fruit Board checking for illegal fresh fruit being smuggled into British Columbia.

    It is the same as trying to bring fruit into California.

    We had a good laugh and our “Roadie” slept the rest of the trip.

  5. over 12 years ago on Dick Tracy

    Good Morning everyone!!!

    I believe this autograph request is going to lead Honeymoom into some deep trouble.

  6. over 12 years ago on Dick Tracy

    The New Karate Kid!!!

  7. over 12 years ago on Dick Tracy

    Good Sunday Morning everyone!!!!

    I thought Dudley DoRight was the greatest Mountie!!!!

  8. over 12 years ago on Dick Tracy

    One thing about Canada that is forgotten is how the Canadian Embassy smuggled American Diplomats out of Iran.

    The “Canadian Caper” was the popular name given to the covert rescue by the Government of Canada of six American diplomats who evaded capture during the seizure of the United States embassy in Tehran, Iran and taking of embassy personnel as hostages by the Iranians on November 4, 1979

    For more info go to: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canadian_Caper

  9. over 12 years ago on Dick Tracy

    Good Morning Vista Bill!!!!

    Happy New Year to you!!

    How times have changed.

    I remember during the Locher Years that we would have had about 10 to 15 comments by the time of the morning. It is 1:37 central time.

  10. over 12 years ago on Dick Tracy

    I still don’t understand why the band was let go at the Canadian Border when drugs were found. First, they would be arrested and then released on Bond. But since they were from another country, they would be considered a flight risk.

    This team has done great work but I question them on this part of the story.

    As I said in my remarks yestereday what happened to me in 1975 at a U.S. port of entry when U.S. Customs Agents stated they found two marijuana seeds in our vehicle.

    Marijuana was taken more seriously in those days.

    They stripped searched the three of us, who are all males. We were 21 to 22 years of age. The vehicle was brand new. The owner the vehicle had it for only 3 days.

    When doing paperwork after the strip search, when they found out I was working for the news department of a radio station in the area, the U.S. Customs agents suddenly asked us to leave.

    I wish they had asked us those question before the search.

    Later, I found out that same situation happened to other people in the area.