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  1. 15 days ago on Lio

    Accidentally discovered my first cat loved pumpkin when I left the remains of a small baked one on the counter. She bounced off the walls with wild dilated eyes. After that she’d practically take it off my fork if I had some. Vet said as long as she didn’t get sick it was safe.

  2. 2 months ago on Breaking Cat News


  3. 2 months ago on Breaking Cat News

    What I love most about Georgia’s kittens is they’re all so roly poly. I miss when my babies were tiny fur balls and I could kiss their tummies.

  4. 3 months ago on Rip Haywire

    ka-cute guinea pig

  5. 3 months ago on Breaking Cat News

    I know it’s the wrong show but I get a strong MIB vibe from the kids in their sunglasses.

  6. 3 months ago on Breaking Cat News

    The Robberettes?

  7. 5 months ago on Sarah's Scribbles

    My cat did this all the time. I put ice water in a small wide mouthed juice glass for her. She drank from it until she realized I wasn’t using it and went back to my tall skinny glass. Floor water was for when I wasn’t home.

  8. 6 months ago on Breaking Cat News

    Lupin standing over a broken planter saying “what? It was like that when I got here”

  9. 6 months ago on How to Cat

    Mine left one for every night I was gone. It’s like she waited until sundown and thought “time to deposit another late fee”.

  10. 6 months ago on A Problem Like Jamal

    Right here. The true joker to the one true Batman, Adam West.