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Long time collector of both editorial cartoons and comic art; former network television producer, presently teaching visual communications and video production in college.

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  1. over 6 years ago on Andy Capp

    I remember something similar from my now very distant youth (I have all my Andy Capp books from then), where Flo says his bad hip is playing up and it comes from pocketing all the wet change at the pub!

  2. almost 7 years ago on Pickles

    Or finish…

  3. almost 7 years ago on Pickles

    My ’64 Ford Fairlane had a foot pedal you had to step on to pump the washer fluid up… I used to pretend it was a clutch! LOL

  4. almost 7 years ago on Non Sequitur

    No, not tofu, a big batch was just recalled from some outfit out in the Pacific Northwest for being contaminated! Food problems… whoda thunk it? lol

  5. almost 7 years ago on The Born Loser

    Thank God… I thought we were talking math computations and I would have to take my shoes and socks off… lessee… 12-13-14, do the first part first, 12-13=-1, then the second part -1-14, and two negatives make a positive, so the date could be written as 15, is that right? I never could understand geometry and algebra…


  6. almost 7 years ago on Shoe

    I was never so happy when North Dakota got it’s FIRST Costco two years ago… after moving here from PA and NJ, I was in withdrawal. Of course, I just did exactly what Roz did, filled by truck with over $ 1,000 worth of “stock up for the winter” supplies so I don’t have to go drive another 200 miles to get there and back until Spring! LOL

  7. about 7 years ago on Geech

    Maybe they’re really not wearing any pants? Notice when the minister was in the strip going to the diner, he was fine…

  8. about 7 years ago on Geech

    Especially when you pay for it!